Tuesday, January 2, 2018

new online workshop.... FRESH FOCUS!

happy new year, lovelies! i can not believe it is already 2018, but alas here it is!! i've been holding on to a fun little secret the past couple of months & i'm so excited to unveil it today!

i have a NEW online workshop in collaboration with illustrated faith called Fresh Focus that launched earlier today.  the workshop will span the course of the next month with new video content releasing each week.... but i truly love that this devotional course is evergreen enough to meet you in any life season, whether it's at the beginning of a new year, new month, or just a tuesday in july.

i wrote Fresh Focus as a way to remind my own self of the many promises of newness that God has given us throughout the scriptures.  every day we have a chance to start aFRESH, to learn to let go & let God, and to find inspiration in setting God-given goals for ourselves.

just like the parable found in luke 5:36-38, we can't pour new wine [goals + resolutions] into old wineskins.... it will break the skin.  instead, we must pour our fresh ambitions into a new wineskin -- a foundation built soundly on faith!

i am so excited to work through Fresh Focus with you all together as a community.  you can find the online workshop available for immediate download HERE in the illustrated faith digital shop along with the intro video where i show step-by-step how to set up your very own Fresh Focus travelers notebook!

as i journaled a quick prayer in the margins of luke 5 today, i knew i had more words to lift up to God.  one of my favorite things about starting a new study or devotional series is to PRAY IT out first -- fully give over my heart + mind to let God take control during the series so that i can authentically learn + change + grow.

so i pulled out my Fresh Focus TN that i made during the workshop intro & PRAYED IT OUT first + foremost.  more words, more adoration, more requests for a changed heart.  i used lots of pretty artwork + wordfetti from the workshop printables along with some of the new made-to-match print & pray items [those highlighter paintbrushes + alphas are so fab!!]

i also pulled some pretty paints for my Fresh Focus color palette.... they aren't an exact match, but they're fun + coordinate nicely :]  

my handmade modern paint jars are sold exclusively at target -- i chose shell, pistachio, robin's egg, lilac, coral + avocado.  i may pull out my goldenrod later on, but for now i'm having fun mixing up my illustrated faith acrylics [currently on sale for just $10!] to make a more golden orangey color to match the class!

i've gathered a small handful of other goodies to use throughout the course.... the pineapple file folder [purchased in the target dollar spot last summer] holds all of my print & pray goodies as well as all four weeks of downloaded content + art printables for the workshop.

i grabbed my two favorite illustrated faith paper pads -- you are loved and faith>fear -- for tab + tip-in creating. finally i pulled some highlighter washi, black + white criss cross washi, colored precision pens [they match so well!] and the IF basics tool kit to use throughout the month.

i'm SO excited for this class & i hope you'll join in with me over the next month & throughout the year.  this workshop is perfect for any season of life, so don't feel like you can't join in late, friend!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

gratitude documented 30 day round up

i can not believe our month of gratitude documenting has come to an end, friends! i learned so much about myself + what i desire through art worshipping this past month.... it's been an incredible journey of color & prayer writing for the past thirty days.  i shared many of my pages on instagram, but wanted to create one big round up post to share them all together here :]

[days 1-8]
[days 9-15]

[days 16-23]

[days 17-30]

thirty days of prayer, thankfulness, gratitude, deep digging.  thirty days of falling in love with God all. over. again.

i am SO thankful to have taken on this challenge of documenting gratitude for thirty days & i don't want to stop!!! i'm excited to kick off the new advent kit with illustrated faith for the next twenty-five days of journaling in my bible [see my supply collection post here] -- and who knows what 2018 will bring??

TIPS & TRICKS for working through a thirty day project such as gratitude documented:
  • narrow down big decisions ahead of time.... i used the same color palette for each day of my gratitude pages [paint pots available at target from the handmade modern collection] -- this meant i didn't need to spend time/brain cells on choosing how to begin my page.... times thirty.
  • create a continuity plan.... i knew i would want all of my pages to look similar for this project.  i used the same large elements for each page including brush script prompts from the print & pray shop printed on clear sticker paper, a layered tab section at the top, washi tape along the page edge & each page was dated with my mega date stamp.
  • go minimal.... on the art, that is ;) it is WAY easier to scribble down a few sentences straight from the heart than to reinvent each page with new artistic pieces.  at least that's my take on it ;)
  • don't worry about the timeline.... if you fall behind a day or two or ten, i promise you that it's okay, friend! take a deep breath, play catch-up if you want or just extend the project.  enjoy the time spent in the Word, with God.... and forget the idea of a deadline.
find my other gratitude documented posts + videos here....
-- day one PROCESS VIDEO [youtube]