Thursday, November 9, 2017

gratitude documented -- day nine [tutorial]

hey loves! the gratitude documented project is in full swing & i am loving each day's prompt more than the last!! i knew i would really dig in deep for today's prompt [day nine -- children] as i am very open & honest about my own struggles throughout our adoption journey.

i've been intentionally keeping my daily gratitude pages simple + text heavy [as opposed to art focused] so that i don't feel overwhelmed with this project this month....

overwhelmed by documenting thanks.... the irony of that is not lost on me, friends.

i knew that i would want to create something very special for today's prompt, however.  through God's divine nature & incredible timing, the "children" prompt also landed on world adoption day & i knew that God was whispering straight to my heart.... 'just lean in, april.'

i spent an hour or so meditating & praying over psalm 127:3-5 as i fussy cut these block alphabet pieces [using the gratitude documented collection papers & a block font printed in a word document] for a big, funky tip-in piece in my bible.  here's a quick hyperlapse process video for this part of my margin art....

alternately, i totally could have used my spellbinders die cutting machine or a silhouette to create the alphas, but the time spent hand-cutting & meditating did so much good for my heart.
i used my sewing machine to attach the letters to the paper piece backing, however you could totally use any type of adhesive [tape runner, glue stick, etc] to get the job done, too!

if you do go in & sew the alphas, just move super slow.  it's SEW easy to do -- i don't adjust any of my settings or change needles or anything.  just whip it in, whip it out, done.

when i opened my bible up to psalm 127:3-5 [verse found via the free illustrated faith prompt sheet found here], i saw that i had already filled that margin with a little note to myself several months ago. the encouragement i had journaled there was one i knew then that i would look back on throughout the coming months during my current hard season.  

again.... those God whispers are so real, y'all!

so i chose to journal on the opposite page.  i used my mint typewriter to transcribe the prompt verse from the passion translation, which i attached to the back of my alpha tip-in.

i also created a cute little herringbone arrow + heart piece to notate the verse located on the opposite page.  i used some of the sticker elements from my illustrated faith gratitude devotional set for this & i love the little pop of color it gives!

this page was so fun to create & i feel so inspired by the beautiful gratitude documented collection colors.  even though i'm aiming for simplicity in my margins this month, it's so much fun to break out & just creatively PLAY, too.  the time is always well spent when it's diving in to the Word of God!

Monday, October 30, 2017

spellbinders die cut lettering ideas + review....

friendsssss! i have a new craft tool that i am O B S E S S E D with -- like, major love.  

my friends from & spellbinders recently sent me a spellbinders platinum die cutting machine to play around with & i am completely smitten with this nifty little fella.  i feel like my bible journaling pages & DIY booklet creations are about to go to the next level with all of the pretty things i'm going to be die cutting for my upcoming crafty projects!

the first thing i did when i received my big box of die cutting happy mail was to youtube how to work this fab contraption.... with this being my very first die cutting machine i knew i needed a smidgen of visual guidance.  

y'all need to check out the super easy peasy tutorial that the lovely lindsey created using custom painted papers for her own lettering project! her youtube channel is amazing :]

i decided to grab up some of my illustrated faith gratitude documented paper pieces to prep alphas for the upcoming november gratitude documented project.  i used lindsey's wise tip for washi taping my dies together which helped SO much for cutting multiple alpha sets!

after a quick run through the spellbinders platinum die cutting machine, i peeled off the washi taped alphas & used my [amazing] tool-n-one to pop out the little pieces of paper from each die....

i spent about a half hour cutting tons of lower case alphas for my upcoming projects & i am SO excited to use them in my bible margins & DIY booklet projects :]

of course, i already have some paper packs set aside for my next alpha die cutting projects.... i'm completely addicted to making custom & coordinating alphabet sets for #allthethings now!!

a few favorite paper packs i'm getting ready to die cut with....

other goodies on my ever-growing wishlist include these adorable acorn dies, magnetic die cutting platform + a set of uppercase alphas! christmas is right around the corner, right?! ;)

okay, y'all -- so i also need to share this little scrap hack i came up with on the fly during an instagram live bible journaling sesh ;) 

make sure you save your die cut papers -- the ones that all of the alphas are cut OUT of.  the lowercase alpha set from spellbinders fits perfectly in my fiskars medium circle punch & this is a fab way to use up some of that scrap paper.... seriously, friends -- NOTHING is trash!

thank you so much to & the spellbinders team for providing me this free machine to create with!! this post is a 110% honest review on a product that i truly love & want to share with my favorite crafty friends -- you! xo