Thursday, May 19, 2016

on this travel eve....

it's incredible to think that we are finally going to travel across the world in just a few sleepless hours.  we are on the cusp of actually holding our two little boys in our arms, smothering them in kisses, dressing them in all of the minion + mickey shirts we've been hoarding saving up for months.  

this nearly two year wait that felt decades long now seems like just a tiny little blip on the radar of our adoption journey.  forever starts tomorrow.  

forever. starts. tomorrow.

this past month has definitely been one of the longest, hardest, most stressful times in my life.  i've done a lot of stress eating [#noshame].  i've had countless sleepless night + even more exhausted days where all i could do was nap all day on the couch.  i've cried quietly in the shower & sobbed loudly in the car.  my hair started falling out.... 

and this past week, i found myself pouring out my stress to God in prayers of thanksgiving.  thanking Him for the opportunity to have this specific stress -- that my feelings run that deep, that my heart for these two children half a world away longs so much to be united with them, that He chose me to carry this burden of waiting + doing + abiding + following to reap the reward that is these precious babes.  it's been an incredible privilege to praise Him through the storm.

i'm so grateful for this time spent learning God's plan for us.  i'm praying over the words of our story that i can share with you of His incredible faithfulness + goodness in our specific circumstances.  my heart has so much affirmation to pour out, but i'm still sowing the seed of waiting a bit longer.

♥ ♥ 
we fly out of atlanta in the early morning tomorrow & our family absolutely covets your prayers.... specifically for uneventful travel to + from taiwan, our appointment for the boys' visas to be approved, for bonding as a family to be seamless, quick, God-breathed, and of course for our health to remain intact as we travel.

we're praying that the boys' hearts will be ready to receive our love & that we will be able to show them that love in ways that transcend language barriers.  we know that we serve a mighty God who has brought us this far....

i can't wait to see where He takes us next.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

my favorite things.... an adoption fundraiser

i've been saving + storing + hoarding + piling up little gift type goodies over the past couple of months.... unsure what the basketful would turn into.  maybe a giveaway, maybe a pile of junk, maybe i'd keep it all for myself [let's be honest].

or maybe.... it needed to be made into an adoption raffle.  

because girls, we leave in just two short weeks for taiwan.  and in just two short weeks my heart will be overflowing with insane amounts of emotions as i get to physically hold my two youngest children that i have long awaited.

so, i present to you.... a raffle of my favorite things to help bring home two of my favorite people!

and now you can see why i wanted to keep it all to myself, right?! i ordered this gorgeous fair-trade tote from my sweet friend kate & it is stuffed FULL of so many pretty + lovely things!  here's a little peek at what's included in this weekend's raffle...

[clockwise from top left]

♥ my all time favorite illustrated faith stickers from bythewell4God 
♥ one pink "camera" ball point pen [coming to my shop soon!]
♥ "brave" scripture cards from thelovelywords
♥ paper goodies from target
♥ 'she knew who she was & whose she was' tote bag from the adopt shoppe
♥ coffee & Jesus MPruffledori made exclusively for our adoption fundraising

also included....
♥ 'the best yes' -- the one book i recommend to everyone [by lysa terkeurst]
♥ hillsong united 'empires' cd

♥ ♥ 

is it so fabulous?? are you as excited as i am? well let's get to the details of it all....

the favorite things raffle will run friday, may 6th at 8am through sunday evening, may 8th at 8pm [eastern time]. 

each $5 donation purchases one raffle ticket [$10 = 2 tickets, $15 = 3 tickets, etc] & 100% of the donations goes into our adoption savings account to bring our two sons home at the end of the month!

donations can be made at & the raffle winner will be chosen + announced on my instagram account sunday evening!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

my favorite journaling bible supplies....

i get asked a lot [a lot a lot] about my favorite journaling bible supplies & i've always had to taper off my answers via IG comments for fear of them becoming quite the novel.  well.... enter this here blog, where novels are to be expected, naturally ;)

my art supply stash is ever growing & always changing.  looking back over the past two years of illustrating my faith, it's amazing to see the growth in not just my art worship, but my heart worship.  i know that God introduced me to my sweet friend shanna [founder of illustrated faith] at exactly the right time in my life.  finding this form of art as a worship outlet quite literally saved me from a very dark + bitter road i was traveling down.

i'm so thankful for the creative community i've found through the #journalingbible + #illustratedfaith tags on instagram!

without further ado, here's a little peek at the current supplies i'm creating with....

[tagging items clockwise from the bottom left]

♥ XL project bag by marine parents [ruffle was a custom addition]
♥ follow your arrow journal [online course by illustrated faith]
♥ a handful of washi tapes from here, here + here
♥ crayola twistables [these are great for highlighting & coloring!]
♥ faber castell big brush pens [colors 1 2 3]
♥ pink twine from the target dollar spot
♥ simple stories stickers + ephemera
♥ set of watercolors + water pen
♥ mini library cards for journaling 

♥ ♥ 

Monday, May 2, 2016

when micro-blogging just isn't enough....


happy monday evening, my beautiful friends!

i'm so excited to be jumping [back] into blogging.... after a few years away & a more streamlined focus on my little ol' ruffle shop, i've decided i have more words to share.  i'm praying that just one person might find some sort of peace & joy in what i have to share over the coming months.

in all things, i want to give full glory to the One who deserves it.

thank you for this small space.  thank you for the ability to write & be heard.  i pray that these words & these stories would point only to You, and to all that You have crafted as the original Creator.  may Your goodness & glory shine through every small bit of what graces these pink + aqua pages, for as long as You see fit for them to be published.