Monday, May 2, 2016

when micro-blogging just isn't enough....


happy monday evening, my beautiful friends!

i'm so excited to be jumping [back] into blogging.... after a few years away & a more streamlined focus on my little ol' ruffle shop, i've decided i have more words to share.  i'm praying that just one person might find some sort of peace & joy in what i have to share over the coming months.

in all things, i want to give full glory to the One who deserves it.

thank you for this small space.  thank you for the ability to write & be heard.  i pray that these words & these stories would point only to You, and to all that You have crafted as the original Creator.  may Your goodness & glory shine through every small bit of what graces these pink + aqua pages, for as long as You see fit for them to be published.

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