Friday, June 10, 2016

almost 2 weeks later.... your adoption FAQs answered!

i can not believe that this weekend marks our second week home as a family of five.  i mean.... what? 

it seems like i blinked and the time passed.... 
it seems like the kids have been here forever.  

God's plan is so sovereign in that these two little boys.... born to another woman, raised by countless nannies & two different foster families, knowing only their own culture, their own language, their own ways of life.... they have fit so perfectly into our family.  you know that satisfying feeling when you click that really hard-to-find puzzle piece in to your 3,000 piece jigsaw?  it's kind of like that.  

except times two.

i'm so glad you all are loving seeing our babes on instagram :]  i decided to pull some of the most frequently asked questions about our adoption from the photo comments + post some answers for you here.

♥ ♥ 

how is life as a family of five?
so. much. fun.  and also so much work.  three times the kids means three times the messes, baths, lunches to make, runny noses, things to pack in my purse for a quick car trip to target.  oh yes, and three times the tattling.  let us not forget that.

bless it all.

can we also talk about how much more we spend on groceries? actually.... that's kind of a painful subject.  so let's skip it -- hah! ;)

we honestly are absolutely floored at how "easy" our transition into a larger family has been.  our time spent in taiwan was hard, full of grieving & resisting.  to think that was only two weeks ago.... i mean.... just.... no way.  

only God. girls, He is so so good.

how are the boys doing with the transition?
so far, everyone seems to be doing good.  the first days were hard & they've progressively gotten better.  cord + colter are quickly learning lots of short english phrases....
-- thank you
-- more, please
-- i'm hungry
-- potty, mommy
-- help, please
-- mommy's coffee
-- what's up [that one is my favorite haha!]

when all else fails, google translate is the bomb.

now that we finally have the boys physically adjusted to our time zone, daily life flows much smoother.  we've never been a family with a strict schedule, but adding two preschoolers to the mix will make a scheduler out of just about anyone ;)  we don't ever ever ever miss nap time.  like, ever.  we wake up & do the same repetitive tasks every day as we get ourselves into a rhythm of easy living.  this really helps with the language barrier too -- the boys know what to expect at a certain time each day.  their lives aren't total chaos because they know what's coming next.  i now adore all of you amazing momma schedulers.

are you cocooning?
kind of, sort of, not really.... actually i'm not even sure.  we're honestly just doing whatever works for our family on any given day.  we have one insanely energetic six year old daughter and now two incredibly active/busy/curious preschool boys.  so, no.... we are not staying inside cuddling + watching movies all day if that's what you're asking ;)

caleb & i are the boys' sole caregivers & at least one of us is always in sight.  we have already begun taking the boys the church & introducing them to sunday school.  caleb & i teach the three year old class, so it's an easy way to bring the boys in, show them how church class flows & get them settled into an unfamiliar environment with our familiar presence.

we're also hitting the grocery store, slurping mini frappucinnos at target, taking morning fieldtrips to the zoo & hanging out at amelia's dance studio twice a week while she takes summer classes.  we are definitely taking it slower than usual this summer [i'm working significantly less, which is very different for me], but life hasn't stopped for our family.

ps -- if you're wondering what cocooning is.... just do a quick google search of "adoption cocooning".

what do the boys eat?
anything.  everything.  and then some more.

we actually haven't found anything they absolutely won't eat.  colter has a semi-pained look on his face when swallowing a few bites of salad on spaghetti nights, but since he eats it by choice we just kind of.... laugh quietly when he's not looking.

every time i feed the kids, i count my blessings that food is not a struggle in our transitioning phase.  there are so many families that i know who have had to make rice every meal for a year, or wind up carrying specific foods to restaurants where they know their kids won't enjoy the menu options.  i'm pretty sure we could plop a plate of liver + onions in front of our boys & they would gobble it up.  personally, i have no intentions of trying that.  because.... liver.

♥ ♥ 

i know there are a lot more questions out there, but the power wheels truck battery has died, i have three kids "mommy"-ing me for snacks & my coffee cup is empty.  feel free to leave some more questions in the comments & i'll work on another FAQ post soon!


  1. Thank you for the quick update. God is so good!

  2. May the Lord continually strengthen you and encourage you! What an amazing family God has knit together