Saturday, October 22, 2016

finding hobbies & me time with three kiddos

can we just say that mom life is tough? it takes up a LOT of time [multiplied by how ever many kiddos you have] & growing from one to three kids practically overnight REALLY sends life in a spiral.... the boys have been home with us for almost five months now + i'm finally resurfacing to pick up some of my old hobbies during my "me time"!!

i've been diving into tons + tons of books lately.... i can grab one to tuck into my purse for the ride to church on sundays, or while waiting in the lobby for amelia to finish dance practice.  books travel well out to the backyard while the kids dig in the dirt too ;)

here's a few of my fave reads with easy, clickable links for finding them on amazon!

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earlier last week, i dug out my basket of counted cross stitch supplies & realized that i never finished my woodland sampler from the frosted pumpkin stitchery that i had started TWO YEARS AGO! #allthecraftingshame.... so i whipped it out & finished her up that evening!

i shared my finished project [pre-framing] on instagram, but knew that i wanted to share a longer post, compiling all of my photos of the little unique changes i made to make my woodland sampler a little bit different from everyone else's.

my changes weren't drastic, just little things here + there.... which i usually made up on the fly.  

january featured a speckled doe & buck with shimmer floss snowflakes, while february's nocturnal raccoon became a little lady with pink bow.  for march, i enclosed a family of mushrooms in the cute bell jar and for april i added some spring mushrooms, shimmer floss clouds & a handsome bowtie to turn the jackalope into a dapperlope ;)

may's little gnome friend received flowers + a buzzing bee rather than the regular clover field.

for june, i added an extra buzzing firefly in the mason jar -- simple because friends make everything better!

july was my absolute favorite month to stitch up! the little fox was absolutely adorable -- i paired him with some ombre rainbow wishes instead of the all white cuties the pattern called for.

this cute little skunk for august decided to romp about in a flower garden instead of being surrounded by little mushroom friends.

september's hedgehogs got some little tan zebra stripes.  i stitched this box up when amelia was going through her zebra stage of life.... you can see all about that with the instagram hashtag #amelialovesstripes.

i omitted the fluffy white clouds for october's pattern & added shimmery gold eyeglasses for the cute owl!

for november, i added in a leaf [you can never have too many fall colored leaves, right?] and also turned the little squirrel into a lady with pink bow.

december was a big change from the pattern.... we don't get much snow in georgia & i also was so not feeling all the blue stitching for the dark background from the original pattern.  so i made a smaller house, a few green trees + this handsome bearded lumberjack!

the final box!!! i was so excited to count out that our last name would fit perfectly in this little square! so instead of the year i completed the project, i just left it customized to our name with some love birds to seal the deal.

as a little extra something.... i wanted to photograph the backside of my cross stitch project.  there's no right or wrong way to do this, in my personal opinion.  my backside is not pretty, there's lots of traveling threads & probably some loose ends in there somewhere.  but it's a BIG project, a COMPLETED project, and it's MY project.  so there ya go ;)

♥ ♥ 

i'm getting ready to send this fancy little finished project off to be framed & hang in the house.  i'm just so excited to show it off in it's finished glory!  thanks for reading along, lovely friends! here are some links to my favorite cross stitch supplies!! xo

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