Thursday, November 30, 2017

gratitude documented 30 day round up

i can not believe our month of gratitude documenting has come to an end, friends! i learned so much about myself + what i desire through art worshipping this past month.... it's been an incredible journey of color & prayer writing for the past thirty days.  i shared many of my pages on instagram, but wanted to create one big round up post to share them all together here :]

[days 1-8]
[days 9-15]

[days 16-23]

[days 17-30]

thirty days of prayer, thankfulness, gratitude, deep digging.  thirty days of falling in love with God all. over. again.

i am SO thankful to have taken on this challenge of documenting gratitude for thirty days & i don't want to stop!!! i'm excited to kick off the new advent kit with illustrated faith for the next twenty-five days of journaling in my bible [see my supply collection post here] -- and who knows what 2018 will bring??

TIPS & TRICKS for working through a thirty day project such as gratitude documented:
  • narrow down big decisions ahead of time.... i used the same color palette for each day of my gratitude pages [paint pots available at target from the handmade modern collection] -- this meant i didn't need to spend time/brain cells on choosing how to begin my page.... times thirty.
  • create a continuity plan.... i knew i would want all of my pages to look similar for this project.  i used the same large elements for each page including brush script prompts from the print & pray shop printed on clear sticker paper, a layered tab section at the top, washi tape along the page edge & each page was dated with my mega date stamp.
  • go minimal.... on the art, that is ;) it is WAY easier to scribble down a few sentences straight from the heart than to reinvent each page with new artistic pieces.  at least that's my take on it ;)
  • don't worry about the timeline.... if you fall behind a day or two or ten, i promise you that it's okay, friend! take a deep breath, play catch-up if you want or just extend the project.  enjoy the time spent in the Word, with God.... and forget the idea of a deadline.
find my other gratitude documented posts + videos here....
-- day one PROCESS VIDEO [youtube]

Friday, November 24, 2017

my crafty holiday wishlist....

hey there holiday friends! i don't know about you, but now that the turkey leftovers have dwindled down to the smallest tupperware container, i'm ready to go full-swing into holiday shopping mode!

i thought it would be fun to put together a "must-have" crafty wishlist for myself & all my crafting besties [that's you] with a handful of affiliate links for shopping, because -- let's face it -- we're basically at the age of playing santa for ourselves ;)

my first pick is one that i actually added to my craft room earlier this year, but has been a mega staple on my crafty wishlist for years now!

the spellbinders platinum die cutting machine is a total game-changer for scrapbookers + bible journalers alike.  not only can you transform your favorite scrapbook papers [i adore the illustrated faith you are loved collection & shimelle's glitter girl papers] into hundreds of different shapes, fonts & layered projects.... you can also paint up your own totally unique papers to run through this die cutting machine for a completely original project!

my favorite spellbinders dies are their lowercase font one, this adorable set of acorns & these cute vintage ornaments!


this new all-in-one basics tool kit from illustrated faith is AWESOME, y'all! it's perfect to gift to a new bible journaler or to refill your own supply of basics.  i know i go through those tape runners, ink pads & pens like nobody's business!  

my friends at illustrated faith & dayspring totally hit the nail on the head with this kit for sure!


while we're on the topic of epic new goodies from illustrated faith....

i literally can not get over how gorgeous these rainbowtized goodies are! the new highlighter washi tape set is perfectly transparent & sized just right for.... yep!  HIGHLIGHTING bible text!

also, the new colored precision pens are so stinking gorgeous.... i love the pretty ink colors & the fact that they are .65 pen nibs [my FAVE size!].  plus, can we talk about how CUTE the polka dot pen barrels are?! i mean, seriously!!


oh you know i couldn't make a wish list without adding this epic piece! the studio calico MEGA date stamp has been giving me MEGA heart eyes for the past couple of years & trust me, friend.... you need this in your craft room!

with an incredibly generous three inch spread for stamping, this roller date stamp makes a huge statement [no pun intended!] on scrapbook & journaling bible pages....

i am seriously so obsessed with this date stamp -- it may be big, but it travels everywhere with me as my number one go to roller date stamp! 

[ps -- studio calico recently added a matching mega time stamp to their collection which is so perfect for project life-ing!!]


when i'm on the go, i don't dare leave my crafting goodies behind!! i pack my journaling bible + tons of supplies in this gorgeous floral bible bag from illustrated faith -- there is TONS of room for my favorite paper pads, stickers, washi tapes & even that mega date stamp ;)

i also love using the matching large canvas tote for carrying supplies to my weekly bible journaling classes that i teach at church.  it would also make a perfect overnight bag, beach bag or carry all for camping trips!


one of my absolute favorite craft room additions lately has been this brand new, but vintage inspired, typecast typewriter from we r memory keepers!

i use it to type up little love notes to my hubby & kiddos, create fun additions to notecards for friends, and make vintage inspired tip-ins for my bible journaling pages or DIY booklets!  

can we also talk about the adorable colors these typewriters come in? i picked mint, but that pink was almost a deal breaker for me!!! next up on my list of accessories to add.... teal ribbon!!!


with christmas falling right before the new year, i like to treat myself to a new journaling bible for a fresh start to a fresh season of life.... this esv single column journaling bible with leather flap + strap has been a MAJOR wishlist item for me since i started bible journaling four years ago & i think this year it may just make it under the tree ;)

yes, this fancy little number is a crafty splurge -- but i know just how much value time spent in the Word does for me [and maybe you, too?] which makes spending some hard earned dollars on a gorgeous bible well worth it in my book!

find tons of journaling bibles in a variety of prices here on dayspring!


so we've already chatted about how much i adore the mega date stamp.... it seems only fitting to add another MEGA friend to the mix with this scotch glue runner, right?? 

i love the fact that this glue runner is PINK [so stinking cute!] and that it holds an insane amount of adhesive.... like i may never run out again!!! i also get a little too excited that i get to use a trigger to run this adhesive gun hahah!! ;)

but for real.... it's time to glue #allthethings, y'all.


one of my all time favorite project bags from my shop are these make all the things exodus 31:6 paraphrase collaborations i worked on with my sweet friend kate from the adopt shoppe!  i use this fabulous zipper pouch to store stamps & ink pads when i'm on the go -- it also fits perfectly inside my floral bible bag that i listed above!

kate has these cute scripture cards to match available in her shoppe & they make the perfect sized tip-in to washi tape in your planner or journaling bible :]


truly no crafty wishlist would be complete without a little bob ross, am i right??

yes, you are totally seeing that right.  our favorite soft spoken painter, full of wise & encouraging words, is over here just hanging out in my journaling bible.  ol' bob has quickly found his way into the hearts of us bible journalers & i just love the little added quirk he brings to my margins!

i have these little bob ross inspired fabric ephemera swatches available in my etsy shop -- perfect for scrapbooking, bible journaling, card making, or just plain ol' happy thinking!

so there ya have it, friends! my top ten, need to have, gotta love crafty wishlist items! i'd love to know which one is your favorite or what you would add to the list!!!

Monday, November 20, 2017

illustrated faith: advent supply collection

friends.... i L I T E R A L L Y can not believe that the month of november is almost over! don't even get me started on how fast the entire YEAR of 2017 flew by.... my mind can barely handle!

one thing my mind totally CAN handle right now is all of the gorgeousness that is coming with the month of december & the advent devotional kit with illustrated faith! y'all.... this devo is a million heart eyes on fire!

yes, i totally matched my nail polish with the collection.  because i'm just that extra ;)

i am getting so excited to dig in & while i wait for december first to roll around, i've put together a fab little collection of goodies to pull from throughout the month.

the color coordinating doilies, ribbons + trims, gift tags & kraft pieces were all compiled from michaels + hobby lobby.

paper pad, tip-ins, ephemera & washi are all from the illustrated faith advent collection [sold separately from the devo kit].  you can find everything HERE on dayspring save for the 6x8 paper pad which i found on on HERE.

and everyone's most asked question -- what paint colors am i using for advent??

i grabbed just a few paint pots from the handmade modern collection at target.  my choices to coordinate with the advent goodies this year are shimmer aqua, satin shell, satin pistachio & satin pink posey.  i'll also use my illustrated faith acrylic paints to add in some white + yellow highlights along the way.

one extra little thing i've done for the month is to make another mini flip book of pretty things from the advent line.  using some of the goodies i've purchased to coordinate & a whole lotta love, i put together this sweet little number!

i'm excited to fill in some of these paper journaling spots with prayers & verses that go along with the advent season of joy.  it's always fun to create with the extras & just pull from the creativity that God gifted me with!

i had so much fun creating this little simple flip book & i put together a few extra supply kits to share with y'all! you can find them in my etsy shop HERE while supplies last! i can't wait to see your cute little flip books come to life!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

gratitude documented -- day nine [tutorial]

hey loves! the gratitude documented project is in full swing & i am loving each day's prompt more than the last!! i knew i would really dig in deep for today's prompt [day nine -- children] as i am very open & honest about my own struggles throughout our adoption journey.

i've been intentionally keeping my daily gratitude pages simple + text heavy [as opposed to art focused] so that i don't feel overwhelmed with this project this month....

overwhelmed by documenting thanks.... the irony of that is not lost on me, friends.

i knew that i would want to create something very special for today's prompt, however.  through God's divine nature & incredible timing, the "children" prompt also landed on world adoption day & i knew that God was whispering straight to my heart.... 'just lean in, april.'

i spent an hour or so meditating & praying over psalm 127:3-5 as i fussy cut these block alphabet pieces [using the gratitude documented collection papers & a block font printed in a word document] for a big, funky tip-in piece in my bible.  here's a quick hyperlapse process video for this part of my margin art....

alternately, i totally could have used my spellbinders die cutting machine or a silhouette to create the alphas, but the time spent hand-cutting & meditating did so much good for my heart.
i used my sewing machine to attach the letters to the paper piece backing, however you could totally use any type of adhesive [tape runner, glue stick, etc] to get the job done, too!

if you do go in & sew the alphas, just move super slow.  it's SEW easy to do -- i don't adjust any of my settings or change needles or anything.  just whip it in, whip it out, done.

when i opened my bible up to psalm 127:3-5 [verse found via the free illustrated faith prompt sheet found here], i saw that i had already filled that margin with a little note to myself several months ago. the encouragement i had journaled there was one i knew then that i would look back on throughout the coming months during my current hard season.  

again.... those God whispers are so real, y'all!

so i chose to journal on the opposite page.  i used my mint typewriter to transcribe the prompt verse from the passion translation, which i attached to the back of my alpha tip-in.

i also created a cute little herringbone arrow + heart piece to notate the verse located on the opposite page.  i used some of the sticker elements from my illustrated faith gratitude devotional set for this & i love the little pop of color it gives!

this page was so fun to create & i feel so inspired by the beautiful gratitude documented collection colors.  even though i'm aiming for simplicity in my margins this month, it's so much fun to break out & just creatively PLAY, too.  the time is always well spent when it's diving in to the Word of God!

Monday, October 30, 2017

spellbinders die cut lettering ideas + review....

friendsssss! i have a new craft tool that i am O B S E S S E D with -- like, major love.  

my friends from & spellbinders recently sent me a spellbinders platinum die cutting machine to play around with & i am completely smitten with this nifty little fella.  i feel like my bible journaling pages & DIY booklet creations are about to go to the next level with all of the pretty things i'm going to be die cutting for my upcoming crafty projects!

the first thing i did when i received my big box of die cutting happy mail was to youtube how to work this fab contraption.... with this being my very first die cutting machine i knew i needed a smidgen of visual guidance.  

y'all need to check out the super easy peasy tutorial that the lovely lindsey created using custom painted papers for her own lettering project! her youtube channel is amazing :]

i decided to grab up some of my illustrated faith gratitude documented paper pieces to prep alphas for the upcoming november gratitude documented project.  i used lindsey's wise tip for washi taping my dies together which helped SO much for cutting multiple alpha sets!

after a quick run through the spellbinders platinum die cutting machine, i peeled off the washi taped alphas & used my [amazing] tool-n-one to pop out the little pieces of paper from each die....

i spent about a half hour cutting tons of lower case alphas for my upcoming projects & i am SO excited to use them in my bible margins & DIY booklet projects :]

of course, i already have some paper packs set aside for my next alpha die cutting projects.... i'm completely addicted to making custom & coordinating alphabet sets for #allthethings now!!

a few favorite paper packs i'm getting ready to die cut with....

other goodies on my ever-growing wishlist include these adorable acorn dies, magnetic die cutting platform + a set of uppercase alphas! christmas is right around the corner, right?! ;)

okay, y'all -- so i also need to share this little scrap hack i came up with on the fly during an instagram live bible journaling sesh ;) 

make sure you save your die cut papers -- the ones that all of the alphas are cut OUT of.  the lowercase alpha set from spellbinders fits perfectly in my fiskars medium circle punch & this is a fab way to use up some of that scrap paper.... seriously, friends -- NOTHING is trash!

thank you so much to & the spellbinders team for providing me this free machine to create with!! this post is a 110% honest review on a product that i truly love & want to share with my favorite crafty friends -- you! xo

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

new goodies from a season of worth....

it's new release week for A Season of Worth goodies over in the illustrated faith digital shop, friends! i'm so excited for this month's releases especially because next week is my born again birthday & i'm sharing a bit of my testimony & passion behind the "A Season of Worth" devo series!

go & grab this month's devotional & coordianting HEART ART [!!!] for freeeeee through sunday & grab up the coordinating washi & tab set for just $3.... you can print these from home or send 'em over to your favorite print center for pick up.

so i've been crafting up a little blog project for you lovelies & wanted to share it with the new SOW releases for some digital download inspo!

i see the questions floating around everywhere -- how do you store your printable devotions OR what do you do with them after you read/meditate/journal?  and i'm here to give you my own little spin on it!

make a traveler's notebook, of course!  i posted a youtube last month showing how i create these easy peasy little notebooks at home & i also have a handful of them in my shop with some cute little extras for a happy mail package delight!

i added the devotional series title using some of my favorite alpha stickers [wonky caps from bella blvd & homespun by illustrated faith] as well as some black enamel hearts.

when you flip the cover open....

the hen house!!!!! AHHH! this is maybe my favorite part of this little TN, y'all! i found the chicken coop clipart online + printed it, scissored it, glued it to the inside front cover along with a chicken from each of my monthly devo releases.  it's like a collector's item, right?!

i loved seeing this idea from my friend marie on instagram -- her chicken coop cover totally inspired my own hen house collection :]

and honestly, can we talk about how creatively everyone else is working through the SOW devotionals, please?? you guys make my heart explode with love everytime you post online & tag me!

[featured from top left, clockwise]

i'll never get over the fact that God uses my messed up, crazy little life to make any kind of difference.  but He does & He is good.  #canigetanamen?!

okay, back to my traveler's notebook set up!  i wanted to show a few pages of how i'm keeping everything together inside....

basically i create a tip-in/tip-up with the devotional content card [make sure you are printing it ONLY at 100%.... my computer likes to enlarge it automatically, so i have to manually resize back to 100% for it to fit in my TN].  i washi tape the devo page to the top of the blank page in my notebook & then underneath i create +journal away using the matching artwork!

i kinda love that barn door effect from the july release that included two bible margin sized tip-ins ;)

the september devo release was also really fun to work with! i painted the blank page with a matching abstract design & used the devotional artwork as another tip-in with a prayer!

i also made a little "folder" on the back cover just using scrap paper to hold my matching SOW washi! you can find the washi in the print & pray shop and i posted a bunch of fun ideas on how to use the washi in this blog post!

i can't wait to jump in TODAY with the october release & dig deeper into what God had laid on my heart to share in that little collection of words.  He always speaks to me afresh when i go back through my own written devotionals -- the Holy Spirit comes to life in those words!  what a humbled honor it is to be able to share them with you all!

ps.... i know you didn't think i stopped at just making one devotional notebook, right?! ;)

yep, totally made one for each of the current series running through the IF print & pray shop!!! you can find more devotionals from A Season of Worth [from me!], Simple Truths [from tonya] as well as Peanut Butter & Jesus [from elaine].  

now my devotions all have their own little organized homes & i keep them together inside my MPruffledori for safe keeping & easy grabbage when i'm ready to journal!