Monday, August 28, 2017

illustrated faith: created to create devotional kit

i am SO very excited to be previewing the new illustrated faith created to create kit from bella blvd | dayspring.... y'all, this devotional kit is PHENOMENAL & y'all are going to L O V E it -- i pinky promise!

the september devotional content + design is created by everyone's favorite bible journaling God-girl.... miss shanna noel!!! shanna is not only a long-time friend of mine, but also one of my biggest cheerleaders & encouragers when i'm needing a pick-me-up.  her heart & passion behind the ministry of illustrated faith is so tangible + sweet.  i can almost hear her voice speaking the words off these devotional cards as if we're meeting up for coffee & crafting together!

this kit is the second installment of the NEW devotional kit style dayspring is offering.... in it you'll receive four devotional cards [one for each week of the month], four journaling cards & three heart shaped tip-in cards.  in addition to these content pieces, there's lots of artistic elements included -- a full size roll of paintbrush washi tape, 3x4 clear stamp set, two sheets of clear stickers + a package of pretty paper pieces.... my fave!

i'm still very much a book-style devotional girl, so i've taken a few ideas i've seen floating about the social media world & created my own little devo book with the content from the created to create kit!

to a scrapbooker, there's truly no such thing as "trash" -- i held on to the thick kraft mailer that my kit arrived in & cut it a little larger than the 4x6 content cards to become the front + back covers of my DIY book.  as i was painting my first bible page for this series, i simultaneously painted some acrylic paint swipes down on the kraft mailer covers....  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

i pulled together my devotional cards + paired them each with a journaling card & an assortment of paper pieces, tip-ins & clear cuts.... then i tabbed each little section as WK 1 [week 1], WK 2 and so on with my dymo.  i hole punched each item i wanted to include in the book & then bound it all together with 1" binder rings i picked up at hobby lobby.  now i'll be able to add more note cards, journaling spots & pretty pieces that inspire me all month long!

i'm completely obsessed with this devotional, friends.... shanna is literally speaking STRAIGHT. TO. MY. HEART with each word & encouragement as a fellow creator.  in week one we are digging in to the first five words of the bible.... in the beginning, God created.  um, YES & AMEN!  

as i was paint prepping my margin & humming some praise songs to myself, i couldn't help but let my mind wander a bit on the beauty of this statement in conjunction with genesis 1:27 just a few verses down.... that we are created in God's likeness.  God, being the Ultimate Creator, created us with a purpose + a desire to #makeallthethings.  whether it's physically building something with our hands or painting acrylic smudges on a bible page.... we can all call ourselves creators for Christ!

here you can see that i layered + layered + layered.  after finishing this page, the very first thing i did was text shanna & say "i just had SO MUCH FUN with the new kit!!!" and how amazing is THAT, friends? before bible journaling + finding my place in the art worship community, i never would have imagined that i would have paired the words FUN with BIBLE.... just a little wink back at my old self there ;)

ps -- did ya see that yellow polka dotted tab at the top? i cut that out from my original created to create devotional booklet from last year! an ode to the past + a desire to keep on growing, keep on learning, keep on creating.

i seriously can not wait to continue this month along with the created to create kit.... and i would LOVE for you girls to join in with me!!! click the dayspring link below to shop for your kit [it's just $20.... woohoo!] and then come find me on instagram so we can share our progress together!

supplies used....
exodus 31:6 scripture card   |   liquitex acrylic paints [cadmium yellow, titanium white, light portrait pink, medium magenta]

Sunday, August 27, 2017

sunday notes.... august 27th

happy sunday, friends!  i've decided to start a new little blog series here.... it's going to pretty basic + straight to the point, however a wonderful tool to look back on for myself & hopefully others.  

i was recently chatting with a friend about how i'm terrible at keeping up with my sunday sermon notebooks once they are filled up & i move on to a new, fresh book.  all of those meaningful quotes + scriptures.... just lost in the jumble of my crazy house full of kindergarten drawings & elementary school permission slips & stacks of mail to be sorted.

being in an age where everything is typed + interneted + catalogued online, i thought this may be the perfect way to "save" all of my sermon notes for future referencing!

grace is greater than our weaknesses
[2 corinthians 12:1-20]
1. what are our weaknesses?
-- matthew 4 -- He healed to point them to Himself.
-- we have physical + spiritual weaknesses.

2. weaknesses are beyond our control
 -- if paul hadn't of had his weakness [thorn] in his life he would have never went to the Lord three times!
 -- we have no control over it.... but does it control us?


3. He uses them to humble us from boasting
 -- philippians 3:3-6

4. He uses them to draw us to Him
 -- in our weaknesses we should go running into the arms of God.

5. He uses them to pour out to us His grace
 -- 2 corinthians 12:9
6. He uses our weaknesses to perfect His power in us
-- it's not self-reliance or self-sufficiency.... it's Jesus Christ!

-- we all have weaknesses.
-- God has given us Himself.
-- God uses our weaknesses for us to minister + relate to others.

Monday, August 7, 2017

BHBC bible journaling lifecourse....

i'm so excited to announce that i will be teaching a 14-week-long community group for bible journaling fellowship beginning august 9th at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church in powder springs, georgia! i have personally longed for a group of girls that i could pray + paint alongside, and i can not wait to share my passion for illustrating my faith with others each week!

each week we will be chatting & journaling about topics including:
  • how we were created for community
  • merging art worship + song in a powerful worship collision
  • redeeming love
  • grace + our worth in Christ
  • knowing Jesus as a friend
  • and so much more!
in mid- to late september, we'll kick off our second portion of the course by starting gratitude journals that will help prepare our hearts for a season of thanksgiving!

the course cost is $15 per person + will include two small take-home supply kits as well as access to a wide range of tools & resources to work with each week [paints, stamps, washi + more!].  whether you are new or seasoned at bible journaling, this class will be a wonderful time of fellowship & community with other girls illustrating their hearts out for Christ!  

if you can attend every week, every other week or just once or twice.... we'd love to have you for this class.  we are created for community, and a community of sisters that paints together, stays together ;)

for more info or questions, please email april at

Friday, August 4, 2017

begin anew: a bible journaling workshop!

oh friends! i am SO incredibly excited to finally spill the beans on this fun event that shanna noel + i have been planning the past few months! save the date for august 5th -- we'll be bible journaling, fellowshipping & creatively worshipping our amazing God together in atlanta!!!

BEGIN ANEW will be a fabulous, one day bible journaling workshop located in the greater atlanta metro area.  we have a fabulous day planned for attendees to include two teaching sessions, a delicious catered lunch & lots of take home goodies + prizes!

shanna will be sharing her heart behind starting the illustrated faith ministry saturday morning & teach us some creative basics to get started diving in to the margins of our journaling bibles!  after a time of fellowship + food, i'll lead us further into our margins as we dig deeper into the promises of God's Word for our afternoon session.

you can find full event details + ticket purchase information on our eventbrite page

frequently asked questions....
  • where is the event located?
we'll be holding this atlanta based workshop at Burnt Hickory Baptist Church in powder springs, which is located about an hour outside of the atlanta airport.
  •  do i need to have a journaling bible to attend?
no way, friend!! come just as you are -- whether you are a seasoned bible journaler, just cracking open your very first journaling bible or maybe you've never even owned a bible! we'll get you all taken care of & show you how to get started creatively worshipping right where you are.  other fun ideas for documenting your faith can include vintage hymnals [check ebay or your local thrift store!] or the illustrated faith praise book! each attendee will receive a FREE + totally fun traveler's notebook to create in during the workshop, so even if you don't have a bible or other faith documenting tool, you'll be able to dive right in!!
feel free to bring any creative supplies you feel you would like to use during our workshop, but also know that you don't have to bring anything besides yourself! we'll be supplying TONS of fabulous supplies for you to sample & play with.... think vibrant paints, rolls + rolls of washi tape, fabric scraps + so much more!  plus, each attendee will go home with an amazing workshop kit of supplies to continue worshipping at home!
  • will you have journaling bibles for sale?
we won't have any bibles for sale at the event, however you can purchase one of our favorites on amazon ahead of time to bring with you! 
  • what will the catered lunch be & how much will it cost?
our lunch will be covered in the ticket admission price & will be catered by our friends at Chick-Fil-A!  drink stations will be readily available all day during the event.
  • where can i stay if i'm traveling from out of town?
our church host is located in powder springs, georgia & we are recommending our traveling journalers stay at the hilton marietta hotel + conference center, however you are welcome to stay anywhere else you can find locally! we can't wait to meet you out-of-town ladies!

  • can my daughter/niece/neighborhood teen attend?
um, YES! we would adore to have her -- what an awesome adventure for these sweet, young girls! please keep in mind that we do require anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult [mom, aunt, neighbor] for safety reasons!