Monday, August 28, 2017

illustrated faith: created to create devotional kit

i am SO very excited to be previewing the new illustrated faith created to create kit from bella blvd | dayspring.... y'all, this devotional kit is PHENOMENAL & y'all are going to L O V E it -- i pinky promise!

the september devotional content + design is created by everyone's favorite bible journaling God-girl.... miss shanna noel!!! shanna is not only a long-time friend of mine, but also one of my biggest cheerleaders & encouragers when i'm needing a pick-me-up.  her heart & passion behind the ministry of illustrated faith is so tangible + sweet.  i can almost hear her voice speaking the words off these devotional cards as if we're meeting up for coffee & crafting together!

this kit is the second installment of the NEW devotional kit style dayspring is offering.... in it you'll receive four devotional cards [one for each week of the month], four journaling cards & three heart shaped tip-in cards.  in addition to these content pieces, there's lots of artistic elements included -- a full size roll of paintbrush washi tape, 3x4 clear stamp set, two sheets of clear stickers + a package of pretty paper pieces.... my fave!

i'm still very much a book-style devotional girl, so i've taken a few ideas i've seen floating about the social media world & created my own little devo book with the content from the created to create kit!

to a scrapbooker, there's truly no such thing as "trash" -- i held on to the thick kraft mailer that my kit arrived in & cut it a little larger than the 4x6 content cards to become the front + back covers of my DIY book.  as i was painting my first bible page for this series, i simultaneously painted some acrylic paint swipes down on the kraft mailer covers....  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

i pulled together my devotional cards + paired them each with a journaling card & an assortment of paper pieces, tip-ins & clear cuts.... then i tabbed each little section as WK 1 [week 1], WK 2 and so on with my dymo.  i hole punched each item i wanted to include in the book & then bound it all together with 1" binder rings i picked up at hobby lobby.  now i'll be able to add more note cards, journaling spots & pretty pieces that inspire me all month long!

i'm completely obsessed with this devotional, friends.... shanna is literally speaking STRAIGHT. TO. MY. HEART with each word & encouragement as a fellow creator.  in week one we are digging in to the first five words of the bible.... in the beginning, God created.  um, YES & AMEN!  

as i was paint prepping my margin & humming some praise songs to myself, i couldn't help but let my mind wander a bit on the beauty of this statement in conjunction with genesis 1:27 just a few verses down.... that we are created in God's likeness.  God, being the Ultimate Creator, created us with a purpose + a desire to #makeallthethings.  whether it's physically building something with our hands or painting acrylic smudges on a bible page.... we can all call ourselves creators for Christ!

here you can see that i layered + layered + layered.  after finishing this page, the very first thing i did was text shanna & say "i just had SO MUCH FUN with the new kit!!!" and how amazing is THAT, friends? before bible journaling + finding my place in the art worship community, i never would have imagined that i would have paired the words FUN with BIBLE.... just a little wink back at my old self there ;)

ps -- did ya see that yellow polka dotted tab at the top? i cut that out from my original created to create devotional booklet from last year! an ode to the past + a desire to keep on growing, keep on learning, keep on creating.

i seriously can not wait to continue this month along with the created to create kit.... and i would LOVE for you girls to join in with me!!! click the dayspring link below to shop for your kit [it's just $20.... woohoo!] and then come find me on instagram so we can share our progress together!

supplies used....
exodus 31:6 scripture card   |   liquitex acrylic paints [cadmium yellow, titanium white, light portrait pink, medium magenta]


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful work. I just placed my order for this devotional.

    1. yay! i'm so glad -- you're going to LOVE this devotional so much!

  2. Love how you put your kit together! I have NOT journaled Genesis 1 in my Bible yet, so I already know where I'll be heading when my kit arrives tomorrow!!

    1. you are so sweet, gayle! can't wait for you to get started with us!!! xo