Sunday, August 27, 2017

sunday notes.... august 27th

happy sunday, friends!  i've decided to start a new little blog series here.... it's going to pretty basic + straight to the point, however a wonderful tool to look back on for myself & hopefully others.  

i was recently chatting with a friend about how i'm terrible at keeping up with my sunday sermon notebooks once they are filled up & i move on to a new, fresh book.  all of those meaningful quotes + scriptures.... just lost in the jumble of my crazy house full of kindergarten drawings & elementary school permission slips & stacks of mail to be sorted.

being in an age where everything is typed + interneted + catalogued online, i thought this may be the perfect way to "save" all of my sermon notes for future referencing!

grace is greater than our weaknesses
[2 corinthians 12:1-20]
1. what are our weaknesses?
-- matthew 4 -- He healed to point them to Himself.
-- we have physical + spiritual weaknesses.

2. weaknesses are beyond our control
 -- if paul hadn't of had his weakness [thorn] in his life he would have never went to the Lord three times!
 -- we have no control over it.... but does it control us?


3. He uses them to humble us from boasting
 -- philippians 3:3-6

4. He uses them to draw us to Him
 -- in our weaknesses we should go running into the arms of God.

5. He uses them to pour out to us His grace
 -- 2 corinthians 12:9
6. He uses our weaknesses to perfect His power in us
-- it's not self-reliance or self-sufficiency.... it's Jesus Christ!

-- we all have weaknesses.
-- God has given us Himself.
-- God uses our weaknesses for us to minister + relate to others.

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