Wednesday, September 13, 2017

faith>fear mini review + DIY....


hey girlies! i am so excited to share a fun, super easy & very inexpensive DIY with you girls featuring the new illustrated faith collection called faith>fear.  this treasury of pieces is so gorgeously modern in it's simplistic black+white design.  the lettering + sketchwork is seriously fab & i'm hoarding all of the tiny little pieces included to use for my bible journaling projects for months to come!

for today's DIY, i wanted to create something small & inexpensive so that it would be easy for anyone to recreate.  using only items i had on hand, this project cost me around $4-$5 to make [also leaving me leftover supplies to use in the future].  

i was inspired by the 3x4s paper sheet in the faith>fear collection & i just knew it could be repurposed into something adorable....

i gathered up a small group of supplies i had laying around my desk.... 
  • faith>fear 3x4s paper [buy the entire paper collection HERE or just the single sheet HERE]
  • mini doilies in my favorite colors [available at michael's or HERE at]
  • tim holtz mini book rings 
  • fabric scraps, scissors + hole punch

i grabbed my ribbon wrapped scissors [i always get asked about these cuties -- they were purchased at hobby lobby!] & quickly cut out the twelve little sections on the paper.  alternately, you could use a paper trimmer for a cleaner look, but i'm never one for perfection ;)

voila! now obviously, you could just stop right here & splash some watercolors on the cards to tape on your bathroom mirror or hang in your school locker.  but i was determined to create a FAITHful little ring booklet that i could tuck into my purse + have available for journaling prayers or verses that i need close to my heart.

so first, i hole punched each paper piece & then added some color, of course!

i smeared a little smidgen of a dollop of acrylic paint on my paint card [an old gift card works perfectly, too!] and created a POP of color on the piece i knew i would want for the cover of my ring booklet.  i added a chipboard icon sticker from the faith>fear collection, stepped back & was IN LOVE with this simple little cover that i had made in about .2 seconds!

next, i added a few embellishments to the front [blue puffy stars from bella blvd and a snippet of the 3x4 paper selvedge that normally would have made it into the trash] & began loading up my cards + mini doilies on the book ring.

there was really no rhyme or reason to the order of cards/doilies in my ring booklet.... some of the 3x4s had sentiments lettered while others were sketched with modern designs.  i tried to alternate through these & stuck the doilies in randomly.

finally, i tied on a double layered fabric scrappy bow with some pom ricrac to add just a little bit more color.  now i have the perfect little palm-sized ring booklet to keep with me all the time.... a place for prayers, verses, quotes & words of wisdom from friends on the topic of faith.  

just think of all the topic options for mini ring booklets!!!! grace, prayer, courage, worth.... yep, now i'm off to make seventeen more books!

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