Tuesday, September 5, 2017

my psalms study kit....

hey girlies! i'm getting so excited for this upcoming project i'm working on for the illustrated faith blog.  i'll be working my way through the book "discovering hope in the psalms" and using my new pocket sized psalms book in the ESV translation as a stand alone project aside from my journaling bible.

y'all consider this your "save the date" for this upcoming series that i'll be sharing with the community starting at the end of this month.  in anticipation of the series kick-off, i thought it would be a good idea to share all of my supplies + tools that i've put together so you can join in as well!

the only things you'll actually need to follow along will be the study book + psalms book [or just use the book of psalms conveniently located in the middle of your bible!].  however, us crafty girls know we need some extra pretties.... so i've been gathering up supplies & bits + bobs to use with this project and i finally put it all together in my oh joy! first aid kit bag that i got at target.  it is the perfect size & shape for all sorts of crafty storage!

helloooooo pocket heaven!!! *heart eye emoji* i grabbed up this cute pouch in the first aid aisle at target.  they are constantly running specials for a FREE first aid pouch when you purchase three band-aid products.  and let's face it.... with three kids running around, we need all the band-aids! you can also purchase the first aid pouch by itself for $5.99.  SO WORTH IT!

here's what i've packed inside my pouch for this psalms study....

you are loved tip-ins  |  paper doilies from michael's  |  shipping tags  |  pens
glue runner  |  acrylic paints  |  washi samples from my personal stash
black ink pad  |  acrylic block  |  washi booklets from michael's  |  CONFETTI!

pretty pen for pictures [hah!]  |  pill box  |  alpha stamp set from michael's

now i'm sure everyone is wondering what that pill box is doing there -- bahaha! well, FRIEND.  let me introduce you to the cutest little life-hack everrrr.

i was mindlessly browsing amazon one night when i couldn't sleep [#normal] and had a little epiphany when i saw this tiny pink pill box show up in my recommended purchases.  for the life of me, i have no idea why it was recommended, but praise Jesus it was because LOOK HOW CUTE! it fits all sorts of tiny little paper cut outs, tabbies + micro paper clips.... perfect for on the go journaling!

seriously.  obsessed.

i'm so excited to kick off this psalms study & hope that y'all will join in with me! keep an eye out on the illustrated faith blog as well as my instagram account for the official start date! 


  1. That little pill box--genius!

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