Monday, September 11, 2017

where you go i'll go....

there's so much that goes on behind the scenes of a small, handmade business.  most of us entrepreneurial gals take on many different employee roles in an all-in-one kinda way.  from owner/operator to customer service to CFO to janitorial duties [real life, y'all].... when you're starting up your own biz, you take it all on.

and so much more goes into each little detail that creates a business as a whole than what meets the eye.  for marine parents that means shopping for holiday + seasonal fabrics 2-3 months before the season even begins.... spending hours fabric shopping / cutting + crafting into pouches / photographing+editing+cropping+reediting / building shop listings.... so on & so on & so on.

it's a lot.  and sometimes the back end of it all can really cramp the style of a creative heart.  this past year, i've honestly felt so down & out about being a small business owner.  it's been a tough year, to be completely transparent with y'all.  sales have been the slowest i've seen in the past five years & most months i felt that my fabric decisions were questionable at best.

i felt very confident that my season of being a small handmade shop owner was coming to a close & i had a great amount of peace with that fact.

but then over this past weekend -- completely out of the blue -- God very clearly laid it on my heart that this season is not over yet.  that marine parents is not over yet.  that He still has more in store for this little ruffle ministry yet.

in great excitement & anticipation for whatever He has in store for me, i obviously celebrated with a big ol' fabric shopping spree.... i can't wait to show you girls what's coming soon! so many fun, pretty prints!

so today i woke up, grabbed some yummy coffee & headed upstairs to my in-home sewing studio.  first on my list in todays sewing queue.... this fabulous ruth 1:16 inspired camper ruffle tote.  a big project that turned out SO pretty & gave me several hours worth of sewing time to focus in on what God has been whispering to me all weekend....
ruth said, "don't ask me to leave you & turn back.  wherever you go, i will go; wherever you live, i will live." --ruth 1:16
um.... yes & amen, God! message heard loud + clear 

i'm SEW excited for this refreshing new season & so i've popped these ruth 1:16 inspired #kateandaprilconspire camper pouches in my shop for ordering.  choose from project bags, ruffle clutches, mini pouches + more.  i pray they will be a blessing for your own hearts as you faithfully follow the path that God has laid out for you as well.

ps -- details for the ruffle totes are as follows....

totes measure 13w x 15h x 4d and feature thickly padded shoulder straps, one large interior pocket, magnetic snap closure & a signature double stacked ruffle! ruffle totes are currently priced at $70 plus shipping.  created by custom request only, send an email to to begin your order! 

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