Monday, October 30, 2017

spellbinders die cut lettering ideas + review....

friendsssss! i have a new craft tool that i am O B S E S S E D with -- like, major love.  

my friends from & spellbinders recently sent me a spellbinders platinum die cutting machine to play around with & i am completely smitten with this nifty little fella.  i feel like my bible journaling pages & DIY booklet creations are about to go to the next level with all of the pretty things i'm going to be die cutting for my upcoming crafty projects!

the first thing i did when i received my big box of die cutting happy mail was to youtube how to work this fab contraption.... with this being my very first die cutting machine i knew i needed a smidgen of visual guidance.  

y'all need to check out the super easy peasy tutorial that the lovely lindsey created using custom painted papers for her own lettering project! her youtube channel is amazing :]

i decided to grab up some of my illustrated faith gratitude documented paper pieces to prep alphas for the upcoming november gratitude documented project.  i used lindsey's wise tip for washi taping my dies together which helped SO much for cutting multiple alpha sets!

after a quick run through the spellbinders platinum die cutting machine, i peeled off the washi taped alphas & used my [amazing] tool-n-one to pop out the little pieces of paper from each die....

i spent about a half hour cutting tons of lower case alphas for my upcoming projects & i am SO excited to use them in my bible margins & DIY booklet projects :]

of course, i already have some paper packs set aside for my next alpha die cutting projects.... i'm completely addicted to making custom & coordinating alphabet sets for #allthethings now!!

a few favorite paper packs i'm getting ready to die cut with....

other goodies on my ever-growing wishlist include these adorable acorn dies, magnetic die cutting platform + a set of uppercase alphas! christmas is right around the corner, right?! ;)

okay, y'all -- so i also need to share this little scrap hack i came up with on the fly during an instagram live bible journaling sesh ;) 

make sure you save your die cut papers -- the ones that all of the alphas are cut OUT of.  the lowercase alpha set from spellbinders fits perfectly in my fiskars medium circle punch & this is a fab way to use up some of that scrap paper.... seriously, friends -- NOTHING is trash!

thank you so much to & the spellbinders team for providing me this free machine to create with!! this post is a 110% honest review on a product that i truly love & want to share with my favorite crafty friends -- you! xo

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

new goodies from a season of worth....

it's new release week for A Season of Worth goodies over in the illustrated faith digital shop, friends! i'm so excited for this month's releases especially because next week is my born again birthday & i'm sharing a bit of my testimony & passion behind the "A Season of Worth" devo series!

go & grab this month's devotional & coordianting HEART ART [!!!] for freeeeee through sunday & grab up the coordinating washi & tab set for just $3.... you can print these from home or send 'em over to your favorite print center for pick up.

so i've been crafting up a little blog project for you lovelies & wanted to share it with the new SOW releases for some digital download inspo!

i see the questions floating around everywhere -- how do you store your printable devotions OR what do you do with them after you read/meditate/journal?  and i'm here to give you my own little spin on it!

make a traveler's notebook, of course!  i posted a youtube last month showing how i create these easy peasy little notebooks at home & i also have a handful of them in my shop with some cute little extras for a happy mail package delight!

i added the devotional series title using some of my favorite alpha stickers [wonky caps from bella blvd & homespun by illustrated faith] as well as some black enamel hearts.

when you flip the cover open....

the hen house!!!!! AHHH! this is maybe my favorite part of this little TN, y'all! i found the chicken coop clipart online + printed it, scissored it, glued it to the inside front cover along with a chicken from each of my monthly devo releases.  it's like a collector's item, right?!

i loved seeing this idea from my friend marie on instagram -- her chicken coop cover totally inspired my own hen house collection :]

and honestly, can we talk about how creatively everyone else is working through the SOW devotionals, please?? you guys make my heart explode with love everytime you post online & tag me!

[featured from top left, clockwise]

i'll never get over the fact that God uses my messed up, crazy little life to make any kind of difference.  but He does & He is good.  #canigetanamen?!

okay, back to my traveler's notebook set up!  i wanted to show a few pages of how i'm keeping everything together inside....

basically i create a tip-in/tip-up with the devotional content card [make sure you are printing it ONLY at 100%.... my computer likes to enlarge it automatically, so i have to manually resize back to 100% for it to fit in my TN].  i washi tape the devo page to the top of the blank page in my notebook & then underneath i create +journal away using the matching artwork!

i kinda love that barn door effect from the july release that included two bible margin sized tip-ins ;)

the september devo release was also really fun to work with! i painted the blank page with a matching abstract design & used the devotional artwork as another tip-in with a prayer!

i also made a little "folder" on the back cover just using scrap paper to hold my matching SOW washi! you can find the washi in the print & pray shop and i posted a bunch of fun ideas on how to use the washi in this blog post!

i can't wait to jump in TODAY with the october release & dig deeper into what God had laid on my heart to share in that little collection of words.  He always speaks to me afresh when i go back through my own written devotionals -- the Holy Spirit comes to life in those words!  what a humbled honor it is to be able to share them with you all!

ps.... i know you didn't think i stopped at just making one devotional notebook, right?! ;)

yep, totally made one for each of the current series running through the IF print & pray shop!!! you can find more devotionals from A Season of Worth [from me!], Simple Truths [from tonya] as well as Peanut Butter & Jesus [from elaine].  

now my devotions all have their own little organized homes & i keep them together inside my MPruffledori for safe keeping & easy grabbage when i'm ready to journal!

Monday, October 23, 2017

illustrated faith: gratitude documented [DIY booklet]

friendssssss! I AM SO EXCITED! it is my absolute favorite time of year & that means we are preparing to kick off with my absolute favorite DEVOTIONAL of the year -- gratitude documented!  this month long devotion set will wrap our hearts + minds around pouring out praise & thanksgiving to the One who gave it all up to give it all to us.... Jesus!! #bigpraisehands

creatively, you can go as big or little as you want this month through the resources & tools provided to us by my besties at illustrated faith....

  • on tuesday 10/24, we'll be receiving an email newsletter for ALL 30 GRATITUDE PROMPTS for [get this, y'all].... TOTALLY FREE!  yep, zero dollahs.  to sign up for the IF newsletter, visit their site at, scroll to the bottom of the page & input your info in the sign up found in the bottom right hand corner.  easy peasy!
  • additionally, they are offering their gratitude documented as a themed devotional kit for the month of november.... it's just $20 and you can pick it up right HERE [psst! use the coupon code IFSHIPSFREE for free domestic shipping!]
  • need some more creative goodies to carry you along throughout this season of fall & all things thankful?? grab a variety of stand alone pieces from the gratitude documented collection.... my faves are the bible journaling kit, 6x8 paper pad & ephemera paper piece packs!
  • and don't forget all of the digital downloads that coordinate from the IF print & pray shop!!

this morning i carved out some time to put together my gratitude documented DIY booklet that i work through with my devotional content each month.  here's a peek at my process for this quick, fun craft....

soooo many upcoming places to journal & praise & give thanks! 

this month i was rather intentional with how many little "extras" went into the weekly sections so that i could document thanks each day as well as coordinate a page in my bible.

as always, i started my DIY booklet out with a little spot for prayer -- it's important for me to bring my creativity & time over to God each month so i don't lose my focus on what the true meaning of my craft time is.

i can't wait to get started november 1st.... just a few more sleeps! hah ;)

i hope you'll be joining in for gratitude documented this year.  whether you simply download the free prompts [!!!] or go all in with all the pretty goodies you've saved your pennies for, this season of thanks will bless your socks off, friend!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

word nerd..... week 3/4

WOW God!!! what an incredible month of digging in & digging deep into the scriptures.... uncovering goodness that i may have read before but God had new light to shed on for me & also unearthing hidden verses i had never before read that are now painted & glued upon my heart!

if i wasn't a #biblenerd before, i for sure am now after a month of studying through the illustrated faith word nerd kit :]

you can find all of my previous posts for this devo here....

week three kicked off proclaiming our freedom & strength to live differently through the Holy Spirit. we tucked in to 2 timothy 1:7....
for God has not given us a spirit of fear & timidity, but of power, love & self-discipline.
yes & amen & all the heart eyes to that, right?? to dig deeper on this subject, the coordinating journaling card prompted me to 2 timothy 3:16-17.

i worked through this scripture like i did in weeks 1 & 2.... i googled several different bible translations of this verse & used my typewriter to hunt+peck this verse a handful of times.  

just typing out 3-4 translations on a vintage style typewriter can take about 15 minutes -- and that's 15 minutes spent reciting a verse over and over.  scripture recall for the win!

i filled in my pre-made journaling spots that i crafted together during my DIY booklet set up as i spent time meditating on what i had learned during week three.

i think week four was my absolute favorite week of the devotional kit.  i really dug in & poured my heart out in psalm 130 with a big prayer thanking God for reigniting my passion for the Scriptures + a plea that He would continue to guide my way back to His word every day.

as i flipped to my next DIY booklet page, the journaling card lead me to psalm 119:105 for some translation journaling....

i seriously learn so much from this technique! that passion translation really just did it for me!!!

the final section in my booklet was the perfect place to glue down one of the ephemera prompt pieces from the devo kit & i journaled the verse on the opposite page.  because the verse PERFECTLY CAPTURED the entire idea of the word nerd devotional.  i mean, GOD WINK right there!!! i never even knew when i was crafting that little camera journaling spot that i would be handwriting the perfect verse to sum up the devo.... God is just so good like that, right?!

the word nerd devo kit is one for the books! i loved it & i'm so glad i pushed through this crazy busy month & found time to dig in the Word.  God knew i would need some slow down time with Him + His scriptures.

you can find the illustrated faith word nerd kit HERE on dayspring.  grab it for 25% off with coupon code FAMILY through 10/23 [monday] or get use the code IFSHIPSFREE for free domestic shipping year round!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

word nerd.... weeks 1/2

this month is seriously flying by in a tornado-fast whirlwind.  but i'm working my very hardest to carve out time every single day to be in the Word.... because i want to be a bible nerd when i grow up! and the illustrated faith "word nerd" devo is making those childlike hopes+dreams come true!

here's a peek into my first two weeks of this devotional....

the focus for week one was the first chapter of the gospel of john.  we were prompted to read through the familiar words & pick out or take note of something that we hadn't previously caught in prior readings.

since i was still fresh off of the created to create 2 kit, i immediately had all the heart eyes for the first five verses, but specifically verses three & four....
God created everything through Him, and nothing was created except through Him. the Word gave life to everything that was created....
L O V E!!!! i documented this page in my journaling bible & spent the rest of the week in my word nerd DIY booklet [see the full work up, hyperlapse process video & details HERE].

my intentions with these monthly DIY booklets are to always bring a prayer to God before i dig any deeper -- give over anything that may hold me back from truly connecting with Him through this creative art worship.  i used a tip-in from the faith>fear collection & sewed it on a piece of paper from the gratitude documented 6x8 paper pad.

i am loving this month's prompt/journaling cards that simply have a bible verse for us to freely work through.  i'm using these cards for translation journaling [super helpful for scripture recall] & i just run them straight through my pretty mint typecast typewriter.  i use my BFF google to pull up multiple translations of the verse -- easy peasy!

i also truly enjoy finding creative ways to work through each of the little paper scraps & tip-ins i include in my DIY booklet at the beginning of the month.  i never know what will be on my future heart as i create the booklet, but i love having all of the extra little spaces to document & create little memories of this devotion.

oh & you know i had to put a chicken on it ;)

week two brought us to the story of joshua & jericho [joshua chapters 2, 5 + 6] & our journaling card prompted more study in this book in chapter 1 verse 8....
study this book of instruction completely.  meditate on it day & night so you will be sure to obey everything written in it.  only then will you prosper & succeed in all you do.

more fun scripture translating was had as i banged out letters on my typewriter.  

weeks one & two in the word nerd devotion have been SO amazing & i can't wait to jump into the next two weeks!!! have you grabbed up your kit -- and if so, are you NERDING OUT?!

pssst -- it's never too late to join us for created to create 2 [[OR]] word nerd! october 16th-23rd, you can grab either kit for 25% off at dayspring with the coupon code FAMILY.  woohoo!

Monday, October 16, 2017

gratitude gathering.... atlanta area bible journaling event

i'm so excited to share this fun news with y'all!! i'm working with my friends at hobby lobby to begin bringing a handful of bible journaling gatherings to the atlanta area! our first crop meet up will be in hiram [about an hour outside of atlanta, near douglasville] and we will be fellowshipping & crafting with the new illustrated faith gratitude documented goodies together!

we'll be bible journaling in small group form [we're only offering 20 seats per gathering] to encourage deeper connections with local creative friends.  come play with a huge spread of fun paints, stamps, washi tapes, paper pieces + more....  pssst! i'll even be bringing a sewing machine with me for some fab paper stitching fun!

we'll also be sharing a walk through for an adorable make & take gratitude flip book!

we hope you'll join in for this incredible one day gathering event -- come meet other believers who understand the same love for color + journaling and leave fulfilled & ready to document some gratitude this season!

find all the details & grab your tickets on our eventbrite page HERE!