Tuesday, October 24, 2017

new goodies from a season of worth....

it's new release week for A Season of Worth goodies over in the illustrated faith digital shop, friends! i'm so excited for this month's releases especially because next week is my born again birthday & i'm sharing a bit of my testimony & passion behind the "A Season of Worth" devo series!

go & grab this month's devotional & coordianting HEART ART [!!!] for freeeeee through sunday & grab up the coordinating washi & tab set for just $3.... you can print these from home or send 'em over to your favorite print center for pick up.

so i've been crafting up a little blog project for you lovelies & wanted to share it with the new SOW releases for some digital download inspo!

i see the questions floating around everywhere -- how do you store your printable devotions OR what do you do with them after you read/meditate/journal?  and i'm here to give you my own little spin on it!

make a traveler's notebook, of course!  i posted a youtube last month showing how i create these easy peasy little notebooks at home & i also have a handful of them in my shop with some cute little extras for a happy mail package delight!

i added the devotional series title using some of my favorite alpha stickers [wonky caps from bella blvd & homespun by illustrated faith] as well as some black enamel hearts.

when you flip the cover open....

the hen house!!!!! AHHH! this is maybe my favorite part of this little TN, y'all! i found the chicken coop clipart online + printed it, scissored it, glued it to the inside front cover along with a chicken from each of my monthly devo releases.  it's like a collector's item, right?!

i loved seeing this idea from my friend marie on instagram -- her chicken coop cover totally inspired my own hen house collection :]

and honestly, can we talk about how creatively everyone else is working through the SOW devotionals, please?? you guys make my heart explode with love everytime you post online & tag me!

[featured from top left, clockwise]

i'll never get over the fact that God uses my messed up, crazy little life to make any kind of difference.  but He does & He is good.  #canigetanamen?!

okay, back to my traveler's notebook set up!  i wanted to show a few pages of how i'm keeping everything together inside....

basically i create a tip-in/tip-up with the devotional content card [make sure you are printing it ONLY at 100%.... my computer likes to enlarge it automatically, so i have to manually resize back to 100% for it to fit in my TN].  i washi tape the devo page to the top of the blank page in my notebook & then underneath i create +journal away using the matching artwork!

i kinda love that barn door effect from the july release that included two bible margin sized tip-ins ;)

the september devo release was also really fun to work with! i painted the blank page with a matching abstract design & used the devotional artwork as another tip-in with a prayer!

i also made a little "folder" on the back cover just using scrap paper to hold my matching SOW washi! you can find the washi in the print & pray shop and i posted a bunch of fun ideas on how to use the washi in this blog post!

i can't wait to jump in TODAY with the october release & dig deeper into what God had laid on my heart to share in that little collection of words.  He always speaks to me afresh when i go back through my own written devotionals -- the Holy Spirit comes to life in those words!  what a humbled honor it is to be able to share them with you all!

ps.... i know you didn't think i stopped at just making one devotional notebook, right?! ;)

yep, totally made one for each of the current series running through the IF print & pray shop!!! you can find more devotionals from A Season of Worth [from me!], Simple Truths [from tonya] as well as Peanut Butter & Jesus [from elaine].  

now my devotions all have their own little organized homes & i keep them together inside my MPruffledori for safe keeping & easy grabbage when i'm ready to journal!


  1. Those are so much a lot of fun! Your work is inspiring. The colors are just so happy and just sing joy! Thank you for taking the time to share.

  2. Great ideas April! Sure love learning from each other. Hugs!! 💜

  3. April!
    I'm a little slow today due to lack of sleep. I SO did not realize that you are the creator of Season of Worth! (you commented on my post in the IF group LOL
    perhaps my denseness isn't just sleep related LOL)

  4. How many pieces of copy paper do you put into your TN?