Sunday, October 22, 2017

word nerd..... week 3/4

WOW God!!! what an incredible month of digging in & digging deep into the scriptures.... uncovering goodness that i may have read before but God had new light to shed on for me & also unearthing hidden verses i had never before read that are now painted & glued upon my heart!

if i wasn't a #biblenerd before, i for sure am now after a month of studying through the illustrated faith word nerd kit :]

you can find all of my previous posts for this devo here....

week three kicked off proclaiming our freedom & strength to live differently through the Holy Spirit. we tucked in to 2 timothy 1:7....
for God has not given us a spirit of fear & timidity, but of power, love & self-discipline.
yes & amen & all the heart eyes to that, right?? to dig deeper on this subject, the coordinating journaling card prompted me to 2 timothy 3:16-17.

i worked through this scripture like i did in weeks 1 & 2.... i googled several different bible translations of this verse & used my typewriter to hunt+peck this verse a handful of times.  

just typing out 3-4 translations on a vintage style typewriter can take about 15 minutes -- and that's 15 minutes spent reciting a verse over and over.  scripture recall for the win!

i filled in my pre-made journaling spots that i crafted together during my DIY booklet set up as i spent time meditating on what i had learned during week three.

i think week four was my absolute favorite week of the devotional kit.  i really dug in & poured my heart out in psalm 130 with a big prayer thanking God for reigniting my passion for the Scriptures + a plea that He would continue to guide my way back to His word every day.

as i flipped to my next DIY booklet page, the journaling card lead me to psalm 119:105 for some translation journaling....

i seriously learn so much from this technique! that passion translation really just did it for me!!!

the final section in my booklet was the perfect place to glue down one of the ephemera prompt pieces from the devo kit & i journaled the verse on the opposite page.  because the verse PERFECTLY CAPTURED the entire idea of the word nerd devotional.  i mean, GOD WINK right there!!! i never even knew when i was crafting that little camera journaling spot that i would be handwriting the perfect verse to sum up the devo.... God is just so good like that, right?!

the word nerd devo kit is one for the books! i loved it & i'm so glad i pushed through this crazy busy month & found time to dig in the Word.  God knew i would need some slow down time with Him + His scriptures.

you can find the illustrated faith word nerd kit HERE on dayspring.  grab it for 25% off with coupon code FAMILY through 10/23 [monday] or get use the code IFSHIPSFREE for free domestic shipping year round!

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