Thursday, November 30, 2017

gratitude documented 30 day round up

i can not believe our month of gratitude documenting has come to an end, friends! i learned so much about myself + what i desire through art worshipping this past month.... it's been an incredible journey of color & prayer writing for the past thirty days.  i shared many of my pages on instagram, but wanted to create one big round up post to share them all together here :]

[days 1-8]
[days 9-15]

[days 16-23]

[days 17-30]

thirty days of prayer, thankfulness, gratitude, deep digging.  thirty days of falling in love with God all. over. again.

i am SO thankful to have taken on this challenge of documenting gratitude for thirty days & i don't want to stop!!! i'm excited to kick off the new advent kit with illustrated faith for the next twenty-five days of journaling in my bible [see my supply collection post here] -- and who knows what 2018 will bring??

TIPS & TRICKS for working through a thirty day project such as gratitude documented:
  • narrow down big decisions ahead of time.... i used the same color palette for each day of my gratitude pages [paint pots available at target from the handmade modern collection] -- this meant i didn't need to spend time/brain cells on choosing how to begin my page.... times thirty.
  • create a continuity plan.... i knew i would want all of my pages to look similar for this project.  i used the same large elements for each page including brush script prompts from the print & pray shop printed on clear sticker paper, a layered tab section at the top, washi tape along the page edge & each page was dated with my mega date stamp.
  • go minimal.... on the art, that is ;) it is WAY easier to scribble down a few sentences straight from the heart than to reinvent each page with new artistic pieces.  at least that's my take on it ;)
  • don't worry about the timeline.... if you fall behind a day or two or ten, i promise you that it's okay, friend! take a deep breath, play catch-up if you want or just extend the project.  enjoy the time spent in the Word, with God.... and forget the idea of a deadline.
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-- day one PROCESS VIDEO [youtube]

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