Sunday, March 25, 2018

my 100 days of bible promises supply kit!

hey sweet friends! i hope you all have had a wonderful weekend & you're ready for a fresh week full of fresh grace!

i was so excited to open up a yummy package of happy mail this weekend with my copy of 100 days of bible promises -- the newest book from my darling friend shanna!! this book is filled cover to cover with God's goodness through devotion + prayers, gorgeous colors & plenty of empty spaces to be filled with journaling galore!

i just can't wait to start this 100 day-long project of diving in to God's promises for each of us & i'm REALLY pumped that we'll be sharing our growth in a fun little pop-up community group on facebook! you can join us in the group HERE & we'll be kicking off on april 3rd [but join in whenever you can, friends!]

as always, i love to pull together a kit of coordinating supplies so that i can intentionally focus each day on the words God will have for me rather than 'oh what paint color should i choose today?!' i started these project-themed supply kits back in november & it has been such a game changer for me for diving in to the Word but still holding on to the creativity of art worship!

everyone's top question for me is always -- 'have you chosen your paint colors yet?'.... you guys totally get me & my love for these pretty paints ;) i was able to sneak away to target for some fun crafty shopping while the kids napped & caleb worked on his 1980-something honda motorcycle [the project that just keeps giving, friends....] today & now i'm ready to share my colorful finds!

i had a good portion of these paints already on hand [yay!], but added a few to my ever-growing stash.  all paints are satin finish & include the following colors: elephant, azalea, shell, goldenrod, avocado, robin's egg, jade & deep sea.  i even grabbed up a set of the homemade modern paintbrushes in the same paint aisle at target to try out.... y'all watch for a mini review coming on that soon!

extra goodies i'm grabbing up.... 

a jumbo fabric paper clippie from my shop [those teal crosses are a must!], homespun alpha stickers, wordfetti booklet, washi tapes & my favorite pen!

i'm hoping to keep each page somewhat simple with just a wee little bit of paint along with a piece of ephemera goodness or two & a major focus on journaling.  i pulled four packages of ephemera from my current collection of paper pieces & i'm planning to scrap-bust my way through them in this project! a few of them are still available & linked below, but some are retired by their designers.  

and if you're wondering what that contraption there at the bottom is....

a handheld sewing machine.... what what?! oh yes, friends! this project is going to get so texture-y & fun! i found this little gem on amazon & have not yet tried it, but once i get her going you know she'll be joining us live on IG + FB for some epic bible journaling sessions :]

i truly can't wait to begin this project & i prayerfully anticipate God showing up in my life in huge, magnificent, colorful ways!!! will you be joining us for 100 days of bible promises, too?

Friday, March 23, 2018

join me for succa 4 jesus online....

ooooh i've been keeping a fun little secret the past few months & this week i finally get to share.... i have a brand new online workshop live on the illustrated faith site, friends :]

if you joined us earlier this year for my fresh focus class, you'll love this class just as much! succa 4 Jesus is all about digging deep, watering our souls & growing our roots down into Christ.  everything is gorgeously themed around one of my most favorite things in the world.... succulents!!! so perfect for spring & summer bible journaling, right?!

i wrote this four-session workshop as a reminder to myself -- things i needed to bear in mind & bind on my heart.  promises from God that needed meditating & journaling in my life.  what an incredible honor it is to have the opportunity to share these same words that speak life into me with YOU ALL!

you can find our online class available for download in the illustrated faith digital shop for just $15 through 3/27/18 -- the price will bounce up to $19 at that time & remain there for those of you shopping later :]

here's a quick little run-through of some of the goodies i've compiled for my own personal class kit that you'll see me use throughout the workshop -- please don't feel like you HAVE to have any of these items, friend! the only resources you'll need for this class is the downloadable content, a pen & your bible! the rest is just super fun extras ;)

i gathered all of my downloaded + printed content into a simple traveler's notebook.  i used one of these cute krafty girl TN sets from my own etsy shop [grab yours here] & even implemented the pretty kraft doily + wooden clothespin clip from the set into my journaling throughout the course! i made sure to leave plenty of blank pages between each week of content for extra journaling & prayers as i rework my way through the class again.

you can see more of my TN set up + prep work on my youtube here :] 

if you choose to create your own TN, you'll receive downloads within the class for a gorgeous front + back cover like seen above! all of our artwork was created by my friend tamara & she spoiled us so good in this class, y'all!!!

my paint colors found in my class kit are a mix of favorites that i already had on hand [i'm such a paint junkie!].... 

from the target homemade modern line, i grabbed goldenrod, pistachio, avocado & forget-me-not [all in satin finish] as well as my shimmer aqua.  i also pulled iridescent bright gold + medium magenta from my liquitex stash along with my ever faithful titanium white from the IF acrylic collection.

additional supplies i'll have on hand can all be found through the links below!

it is my fervent prayer that this class will bless you in your own season of life -- no matter where you are or what is going on, friend, know that God completely adores you & is ready to flourish your life with God-growth.... all you have to do is let Him in! xo

Thursday, March 1, 2018

illustrated faith: all things new devotional kit

happy march first -- aka new illustrated faith devo kit release day!!! hah ;) 

this month's kit "all things new" is sooooo perfect for kicking off spring time, friends!  the colors are just so bright + yummy, and the content is AMAZING in prompting us to dwell in the newness God has blessed our lives with!

want to take a peek inside the kit? here's a youtube unboxing video i made for ya....

i told you it was amazing, right??! i was so excited to jump into the kit today & session one was E X A C T L Y the message my heart needed! i journaled live on instagram & i had to choke back sobs as i was reading through the devo card.... God was so present in my craft room! so many chills, friends....

the phrase that caught me the most in session one [and ultimately made it into my bible margin] was this....
those things that seem late or impossible to us are just a breath away from YES at the hand of God.
i mean... WOW, friends!!! such an incredible word.  if session one is any inclination to the epicness that the all things new kit is going to be.... i better saddle up for an incredible ride! i'm definitely entering in to the presence of God with great expectation this month!

as always, i love to share with you babes all of my "extra" supplies i add to my bible journaling desk as i create with the monthly kit.  it has helped me SO MUCH in streamlining the fun artsy part of bible journaling & gives me so much more time to dwell RICHLY in the Word when i have all of these coordinating supplies already pulled & ready to be used in my bible :]

my paint colors for this month aren't exact matches on some of the hues, but they are close enough to make me happy & silver lining.... i had them all on hand so i didn't have to buy any paint! that probably makes my hubby super happy ;)  i chose martha stewart satin in plum [middle in the photo above] along with my faves from target's handmade modern collection.... shell, lilac, robin's egg, jade + honey.  

watch for my next post -- i'll be working on creating my coordinating DIY booklet this weekend & i'll share all those extra little journaling + prayer spots with you soon!!