Thursday, March 1, 2018

illustrated faith: all things new devotional kit

happy march first -- aka new illustrated faith devo kit release day!!! hah ;) 

this month's kit "all things new" is sooooo perfect for kicking off spring time, friends!  the colors are just so bright + yummy, and the content is AMAZING in prompting us to dwell in the newness God has blessed our lives with!

want to take a peek inside the kit? here's a youtube unboxing video i made for ya....

i told you it was amazing, right??! i was so excited to jump into the kit today & session one was E X A C T L Y the message my heart needed! i journaled live on instagram & i had to choke back sobs as i was reading through the devo card.... God was so present in my craft room! so many chills, friends....

the phrase that caught me the most in session one [and ultimately made it into my bible margin] was this....
those things that seem late or impossible to us are just a breath away from YES at the hand of God.
i mean... WOW, friends!!! such an incredible word.  if session one is any inclination to the epicness that the all things new kit is going to be.... i better saddle up for an incredible ride! i'm definitely entering in to the presence of God with great expectation this month!

as always, i love to share with you babes all of my "extra" supplies i add to my bible journaling desk as i create with the monthly kit.  it has helped me SO MUCH in streamlining the fun artsy part of bible journaling & gives me so much more time to dwell RICHLY in the Word when i have all of these coordinating supplies already pulled & ready to be used in my bible :]

my paint colors for this month aren't exact matches on some of the hues, but they are close enough to make me happy & silver lining.... i had them all on hand so i didn't have to buy any paint! that probably makes my hubby super happy ;)  i chose martha stewart satin in plum [middle in the photo above] along with my faves from target's handmade modern collection.... shell, lilac, robin's egg, jade + honey.  

watch for my next post -- i'll be working on creating my coordinating DIY booklet this weekend & i'll share all those extra little journaling + prayer spots with you soon!!

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