hi there, sweet friends!  i am so excited you are here, reading alongside our crazy journey of life :]  i've been micro-blogging on instagram for the past several years, but as our family grows from three to five through international adoption, i knew i needed a home for more words, more emotions, more gratitude.  this little pink + aqua space on the internet is devoted to sharing our testimony of God's goodness through our daily living of life. 

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our life in a bullet point nutshell....

 caleb and i met [on the internet.... oh hi!] in late 2006 and were engaged the following spring.  he deployed to iraq that summer with the marine corps & i spent the time apart writing #alltheletters and planning #alltheweddingthings.  when caleb came home in spring of 2008, we jetted off to the pacific northwest to be married in a small, intimate ceremony with our closest friends + family members.  

after lots + lots of time apart due to more deployments, training & plain ol' late nights.... we are so excited to be living the civilian life back in our home state of georgia.

 shortly after our first year of marriage, we found out we were pregnant.  we [literally] couldn't wait to tell everyone we knew.... so we made it facebook official & started dreaming up sweet baby names for our soon to be kiddo.

ten weeks later, we suffered through the terrible tragedy of a miscarriage & life seemed to stop for us.  i became very bitter, angry & sullen.  every day seemed like a punishment.  i was let go from my job for missing work the day i miscarried, which caused even more resentment towards God.... and really anyone in my path.  nothing was right & nothing would be right again.

[sidenote.... i'm so thankful this angry time was not the end of my story.]

 caleb received orders to a new duty station in north carolina to deploy yet again in 2009.  we drove cross country that summer, visiting friends + family along the way & finally ended up in oregon, where i would stay the duration of his deployment with my parents.  three days before caleb left to fly back to NC, we had another two little lines on a stick.... we waited on bated breath.

twelve weeks of a secret later, we felt safe in telling others our news & nine months later [caleb's final deployment to iraq in the past], our little amelia graced this world with her freckles + curls, infectious laugh, and incredible love for life + others.

God carried our broken hearts through several more miscarriages after He blessed us with amelia.  we slowly came to love our new idea of a small family of three.... until we realized we were being called to an even greater place in life through adoption.

 we spent a fantastic three years living in okinawa, japan from 2012-2015.  amelia learned japanese & attended an amazing japanese montessori school that we adored.  if you're living abroad in okinawa, we love to recommend clover montessori to those looking for a preschool off base :]

we ate lots + lots of delicious foods, saw so many amazing things, learned kindness from a culture rich in tolerance, and started the process of growing our family through international adoption.  you can read all about our adoption story here.

 we are now settled & loving life in georgia.... our most favorite place of all.  you'll find us camping three seasons out of the year, enjoying mandatory sunday naps, trying our hand at gardening & generally enjoying all that God has given us.  

our story wouldn't be complete without the grace of God pulling us through our hardest + darkest moments.  He's delivered us from times i know we could not have muddied through on our own, and through His glory alone, He's blessing us with a few more littles to grow into champions for Him.

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