in the summer of 2014, our little family began to feel the call from God to adopt & while we had absolutely. no. clue. about adoption, we knew we were being clearly guided to grow our little family of three by bringing in a child who needed a family more than we needed an extra bedroom. so we began to prayerfully, tearfully & [sometimes] stressfully search the big vast internet for the perfect agency that would hold the key to our new son or daughter.

at the time we began our adoption process, we were living in okinawa, japan on a military base, so we began our search for agencies that worked with orphanages in asia.  we loved the sweet culture, the delicious food & the deep level of respect for the culture's history.  during this time, God had wisely granted us several new friendships with families who had already adopted from the small country of taiwan, which led us to narrow down our choice of countries to adopt from.

six months after signing with heartsent adoptions, we received an email that went out to all of their taiwan waiting families with a picture of two precious little boys.  that's right.... TWO. BOYS.

[oh my gravy.]

caleb & i both saw the email separately & found ourselves on the phone within minutes of the inbox ping -- we both knew that we knew that we knew.  these were our boys.  and so in january of 2015, we were matched with our sweet ming-feng + ching-feng [who would soon become cord + colter to us!].

months + months later.  reams of paper applications + documents later.  ages + ages of waiting later.... our adoption journey is almost complete as we prepare to travel to taiwan to finally bring our handsome little boys home this may!

♥ ♥ 

june 2014 -- we signed with our placement agency: heartsent adoptions, inc. while still living abroad in japan through the marine corps.

january 5, 2015 -- we saw the initial email + file for the boys as a sibling set available to adopt.

january 7th -- unofficially matched through our agency, waiting on home study completion.

april 11th -- back on american soil!! we are back in the states, ready to hit the ground running with our home study agency.

may 29th -- our home study is finalized + sent to the orphanage in taiwan for our official approval.

june 3rd -- submitted our I-600 to USCIS [US citizenship and immigration services].

july 13th -- approved through USCIS to adopt two boys internationally.

august 2015 -- we are OFFICIALLY approved to adopt our boys ♥ beginning to work on our dossier.

august 28th -- submitted our application to JSC foundation for an adoption grant.

september 3rd -- signed & submitted our child contracts to our agency.

september 28th -- we received an incredible grant in the exact amount needed for our adoption program fees from JSC Foundation.  we can not speak highly enough of this fantastic foundation!

november 2015 -- our wonderful case worker at Heartsent moved on from the agency to pursue her master's degree.  we were then paired with a new case worker to complete our adoption.

january 2016 -- submitted PAIR [pre-adoption immigration review] paperwork.

february 17th -- our case was seen in court in taiwan.  

march 7th -- PAIR approval received.

april 21st -- we received news of our FINAL decree [we never got notice of our first decree] & we are in a mad dash to get to taiwan for our boys!!! 


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